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Why VoIP

Why do companies choose VoIP? Because IP telephony considerably cuts phonecall costs and offers many additional functions.  Those increase productivity and make daily activities easier. VoIP can handle all of your IT needs with one application and enable availability on regular business phone number anywhere without using your cell phone.

IP telephony has become standard of contemporary business processes all over the world. SoftNET is a specialized integrator of business IP telephony solutions and has constructed different systemic solutions of IP telephony (for multinational corporations as well as for small companies) which are compatible with the most widespread standards H.323 and SIP.





  • New services with additional value – because of integration with other applications (ERP, CRM, Outlook…) and simplier administration of phone calls productivity of employees increases
  • Better for mobile employees – when you are out of the office you can be still available on regular phone number and not only on expensive cell phone
  • Calling from laptop or palmtop – you don't even need a phone for phoning, laptop or palmtop are sufficient


VoIP integrates many technologies. By combining data, video and audio needs, companies save on bandwitch usage, which ultimately leads to financial savings.

  • Free calls in SoftNET network
  • Savings by foreign calls
  • Savings by monthly subscription
  • Minimal costs off adding new telephones or upgrading system.



  • Simple use – the way of making phone calls stays the same
  • Simple upgrade of IP system – with minimal costs you can always add new services which you need
  • Simple transmission of telephone number – employees can maintain own number by changing work position
  • Simple management of infrastructure – because VoIP has combined with software applications such as accounting programs, E-mail and PC based applications , management and use of system is much easier
  • Maintenance of telephone number – you can keep your old numbers if you swtch to VoIP


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