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DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)

SoftNET offers dedicated internet access to companies in demand of a high level of service for their mission-critical business communications and applications.

Most of the Internet services available would guarantee bandwidth until their own POP or within their own country. Unfortunately, there are major issues between countries or continents due to providers’ bandwidth over-booking, lack of peering partners or major international cable cuts.

SoftNET Global Network (Link to SoftNET network) peers with more than 800 networks with its presence in the Frankfurt internet exchange (DE-CIX) and Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX) and provides connection to Tier 1 providers backbone to reach any destination the fastest way.

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Performance and guarantee

SoftNET Global Network is focused on low latency connectivity. SoftNET is primarily using the westbound terrestrial cables to enable the lowest latency possible between Europe and Asia along with a higher availability compared with submarine cables.

All services are backed by a SLA (Service Level Agreement) for bandwidth, latency and packet loss.

Extensive Network Coverage

SoftNET own NOC (Network Operation Center) in Asia and Europe enables us to provide a 24/7 support globally.

SoftNET provides an online Real-time network monitoring tool with monthly reporting

Dedicated Internet Access

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